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Better Thinking
At Ripples Technologies, we know how to build iconic brands. We have a tried and tested three-step process, built around this knowledge, enriched by creative tools designed to spark original ideas and new perspectives.

Step 1 Discover
We bring inquiring minds to a project, putting clients, products and target audiences under the microscope until we find an insight that lifts a brand out of the ordinary and gives it a new story to tell.

Step 2 Design
Visual appeal alone is not enough (although it’s certainly a good start). We have to look how to bring a brand vividly to life, using our vision to inspire everyone charged with building the brand holistically.

Step 3 Delivery
We’ve cracked the thinking and the design, now to make it happen - on schedule and to a budget. We’re sticklers for precision and oversee every stage of production to ensure nothing is lost between the vision and reality, That everything is fully detailed, and that profits will be made.

We have specialists across Branding, print and websites and we’ve been providing these services for over 7 years. All our clients get to work directly with the creative team; not just designers, but creatives with big experience across multiple sectors, projects and media. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow in thousands of different ways.
We have the capability to manage numerous projects across tight deadlines. We specialize in the creative – whether it be the design and artwork of a brochure or a
website template. Our focus is getting the project done and making our clients happy. No missed deadlines, no miss-communication and definitely no off-shore work.

D e s i g n
Maybe you want to create a new corporate identity, revamp an existing design, or have us output your artwork. Whatever your needs, our design team can look after your requirements from initial concept to finished product. Your artwork will be produced by our experienced operators using the latest programes and up-to-date versions of traditional ones such as QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop and In-design. If you are working to a tight budget, don’t worry. We can offer the same
service as large design agencies at a fraction of the cost, and will offer you a tailor-made package to fit your budget.

We have access to a library of fantastic-quality stock photographs at unbelievably low prices, or, for your own images, photographs and transparencies can be scanned on a high-resolution scanner. When your designs are approved, your files will be output to our digital printer for fast, good quality printing or proofing, or to plate to be printed on press. These are the first steps to ensure that your job is produced to the highest standard.
P r i n t i n g
Transform your project (idea?) into a finished piece. We can print and design just about anything from signs and banners to brochures, promotional products and forms, with options of variable data printing, computer-to-print. We understand that printing is only one piece of the pie. That’s why we can help you through all phases of
creation—design, printing, shipping and marketing. We’ll work with you every step of the way—from helping you come up with initial design concepts to choosing the right words, from printing your project to sending it out in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. No matter what you dream up, we can make it happen.

Better Thinking

With an understanding that comes from obsessive attention to detail, our outstanding creativity brings you an effective, bespoke, perfectly-designed results. At
Ripples Technologies Limited, we know how to build iconic brands. We have tried and tested processes that spark original ideas and new perspectives.


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